Walk to Emmaus

Dear Dann,

As you conclude your “Walk to Emmaus” weekend I wanted to let you know how much I treasure your walk with the Lord. As I was praying for you during this week I reflected on the faithful “Prayer Warriors” you and Donna have been on our behalf over the years as we have been serving our Lord in China and here in Chicago. What we share in the Lord has created a special place for you in my heart. What I see in your life is such an encouragement to me.

I’m thankful to God for giving us our friendship. I’m thankful to you for nurturing and caring for the friendship we share. You prayer support is such a blessing to me. I pray for God to bless you and keep you growing in Him. I ask Him to protect you, to guide you, and to comfort you each and every day.

The Scriptures contain many stories of fellowship. Christ chose twelve disciples to accompany Him and He sent them out two by two to witness. It is interesting that He told them they didn’t need to take money, food, clothing, or even shoes with them. They already had the one thing they needed above all—“one another’s support along the way.”

To have a “Friend” like you is the purest of all God’s gifts, for it is love that has no exchange of payment. It is not inherited as with family. It is not compelling as with a child. And it has no means of physical pleasures, as with a mate. It is, therefore, an indescribable bond that brings with it a far deeper devotion than all others. Jesus called us “Friends” and revealed the depth of His love by giving His life for us.

Dann, I appreciate you, and all you do for our Lord and Savior. I am sure your “Walk to Emmaus” was a unique opportunity to reflect on your faith journey and make an even deeper commitment to Christ. I pray that you will find all your spiritual guidance in Him in the days ahead of your Christian pilgrimage. May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly. He loves you and so do I. What a privilege to be calling you my friend!

Warmly, in the exquisite and incomparable name of Jesus.

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