Washing Feet…

The story below may sound unbelievable to us in the West, but it mirrors events described in the New Testament. These are not legends from unknown sources. They are first-person testimonials taken directly from the people involved in widely varying locations across China.

Sixteen Chinese Christians went into one rural area to start churches, but saw no response. They had little money to support them, so they lived in a forest and gathered what food they could find. Soon they faced starvation. They decided to fast for a week and ask God if they should return home or stay to evangelize. On the last day all 16 received word from the Lord that they should “wash feet.”

The evangelists found buckets and positioned themselves along a road where 1,500 farmers passed to and from their fields each day. As they passed, the evangelists offered to wash the farmers’ feet. Twice a day the farmers responded by beating the men and dumping the buckets of water on them. Convinced their instructions were of God, for three years the evangelists continued to stand on the roadside twice a day, every day, offering to wash feet! And for three years the evangelists were beaten and shoved aside.

Finally, a farmer let one of the evangelists wash his dirty, mud-crusted feet. Soon they were washing the feet of all 1,500 farmers—twice every day. This pattern went on for months as the evangelists struggled to support themselves. Then one day a farmer asked why the men were washing feet. The evangelists answered by sharing their faith and the farmer became a believer in Christ.

Within weeks, all 1,500 farmers became Christians. And within two years, there were 50,000 Christians in that country. Maybe washing feet isn’t such a strange idea…

Until everyone has heard in the land…


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