Falun Gong

Background: Falun Gong was introduced in 1992 by Hongzhi Li as a higher form of Qigong, a breathing technique meant to bring peace and spiritual support to the one practicing. He traveled for the next 2 years giving public lectures. In the following years, there was a rapid growth of Falun Gong and the followers swelled to one hundred million.

Sacred Book: There is none, but the word of Mr. Li continuously adds new elements to his teachings.

The Nature of God: They believe that there are different gods and heavens in different dimensions in the universe. If you follow a certain system, you may end up in a higher or lower universe. There are many systems with some benefit, but Falun Gong is the highest cultivation system.

Human Condition: Mr. Li teaches that live was originally formed at a higher level (and different dimension) in the Universe. Because of sin, that live has fallen down to a lower dimension. Once reaching earth, a person accumulates “karma” – debt and his/her virtue is decreased.

Eternity: Each person can follow one of many systems or gods to reach that heaven. Each heaven is segregated, and different races are not to be intermingled.

What is Salvation? The purpose of life is to return to our original starting point in the universe where we will not be a human, but god.

How is a person saved? Restoration to a god is achieved by choosing a cultivation system to increase one’s virtue and deal with the karma problem.

Notes: Mr. Li says that the Christianity is good and the Bible contains truth, but the time for Christianity has passed. He says that because of the new world situation, Christianity is outdated.

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