Background: Based upon 1,600 years of revelation from Moses, ca. 1500BC, to John, ca. 90AD. Although the teachings of Jesus Christ are considered important to Christians, it is his life, death and resurrection which form the foundation upon which Christianity is founded.

Sacred Book: The Bible, which took 1,600 years to write, is composed of 66 “books” with at least 40 authors. People who read the Bible discover the one common theme which runs through its entirety, revealing its ultimate Author, greater than the 40+ people who penned it. The Bible records prophecies regarding Jesus, written as much as 1500 years before his birth, which were fulfilled in his life in accurate detail.

The Nature of God: As revealed in Psalm 139, God is omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (He fills the universe), and omnipotent (all-powerful). He is Holy and absolutely righteous – all that we consider good is a definition of God’s character. But greater still, God is relational and desires to have a relationship with people. He is a loving, relational God, Who is also righteous and just.

Human Condition: People were created in God’s image, and thus have the capacity to love, exercise their free will, and choose between good and evil. All people, however, fall short of God’s perfect character and thus lose the relationship they could have with God.

Eternity: Man is a spiritual being, and that spirit will live for eternity – that is, forever. Those people who die outside a relationship with God will exist for eternity apart from God.

What is Salvation? People are saved by being restored to their relationship with God. After physical death, they will be in the presence of God, referred to as heaven, for eternity.

How is a person saved? Because God is perfect, any sin separates a person form God, and there is no way he can restore that relationship. Therefore, God sent His unique Son, Jesus Christ, to die in behalf of all mankind, paying the penalty for all sins committed by all people. Salvation is a gift offered to all people. One must accept that gift, by faith, trusting Jesus Christ for the payment for all sins ever committed.


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