Chong Yang Festival (Double Ninth Festival)

Chong Yang Festival (Double Ninth Festival) is held on the ninth day of the ninth month. This day is thought to be auspicious. Since this festival is held in autumn, it is a great time for outdoor activities. Many people will climb mountains and enjoy a meal outside. Because it is late in the year, this is usually the last outdoor outing of the year.

Since the number 9 is the highest odd digit, double nine has come to signify longevity. On this day, people will pay respects to the elderly. This day is also China’s official day for the elderly. The people will also visit the graves of their ancestors to clean the gravesite and offer sacrifices to help their ancestors in the afterlife.

This day has a third meaning too. It is the kite festival. Legend has it that there was a man named Han Shin who was very short. He constructed a kite made of wood that he rode in the air to spy on the enemy. Because of his ingenuity, his country won the battle. On this date, kites fill the sky from morning to night. Many people will have clever additions to their kite, to show its superiority.

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