China in Transition

China is transforming at breath neck speed – becoming a fundamentally different society. The once backward and feudal “sleeping giant” is undergoing modernization with incredible acceleration. No longer satisfied to be asleep, China has awakened to a new day and is determined to mark its place in this world. A National Pride swelled when Beijing was named the site of the Summer Olympics in 2008. As China eagerly awaits the August 8th Olympics all the world’s eyes are on China to learn more about the rich culture and heritage of China.

China has a Great Wall—more than 1,500 miles long. There are, however, other walls no less imposing: Atheism, Buddhism, Communism, Taoism, Islam, and last but not least, Materialism. Chinese people also have a door. Only very few of them have gone through it to follow Jesus. Most have not yet had an opportunity to meet Him. Still, Christ stands at the door and knocks. He wants all people to know Him, including the 1.3 billion Chinese who are eternally lost without Him.

How will we respond? What can we do? Penetrating China’s unreached people begins with the prayer and commitment of Christians who are burdened with reaching the lost. It is our hope and prayer that God will use this web blog to “shine His light” on the tremendous needs in China to take the gospel each day to the Chinese people through His faithful servants in Asia.

Until everyone has heard in the land…

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