Laborers are needed…

It has often been said that it is hard to “out give” a Chinese friend. Those living and working in China often find themselves on the receiving end of gracious Chinese hospitality. Yet many millions of these kind and generous people are living their lives with no knowledge of the Creator God who loved them enough to send Jesus to save them. Despite the dramatic growth of the church in China, there are still more than 1 billion lost Chinese people. How tragic to think that many of these loving, giving people might be locked out of heaven simply because they have not heard of Christ! Pray today that as God calls workers into the ripe fields of harvest, they will respond with joyful obedience.

It’s an unprecedented opportunity to share the gospel. The good news can travel quickly in cities where people are concentrated in smaller areas. When former village dwellers become Christians, they take the gospel home with them on visits to the countryside.

But more laborers are needed. China’s cities need Christians willing to take the gospel there themselves and to support Christian workers with prayer and finances. Is God calling you to help?

Until everyone has heard in the land…


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