January 2008 Update

China is an emerging superpower desperately needing the positive influence of Christian values in reaching China’s intellectuals. The latest demographic trends reveal that more than 80,000 Chinese students and scholars are studying at North American college campuses. Our strategic investment in these lives has a multiplying effect in God’s kingdom. As we specifically minister to domestic and overseas Chinese students and intellectuals they then return home to the Mainland to influence their own people for Christ. God has given us a deep passion to serve Him, a great love for His people and an enduring vision to evangelize the Chinese for Christ. Our work is equipping seekers and believers through language teaching, leadership training, sharing the gospel, home group discipleship and prayer meetings to a closer walk with God.

As Rolf returns to China to teach again at a University campus he will continue leading Bible study groups, organize fellowship outings, train believers in personal discipleship and work one-on-one with students and faculty staff members. The challenge of starting a new teaching job can certainly be daunting. It involves learning new tasks, adjusting to a different routine, getting acquainted with new coworkers, and often memorizing a vast vocabulary of acronyms and policies. Moving to the field involves all of that plus the challenges of nurturing my own family, discomforting knee issues, primitive living conditions, cutting through government red tape, local suspicion, language barriers, tracking finances, crazy traffic patterns, strange exotic foods and constant cultural surprises.

Pray that he will stay focused on his calling and develop an abiding love for the people he is serving. Pray that he will experience and recognize daily victories as he adapts to the new work and community. Pray that he stays organized and disciplined in his daily routine and agenda. Pray that he avoids overload or idleness and for discernment in how to apply himself to the task consistently. Praise God for allowing him to glorify His name by facing and conquering these extraordinary challenges each day. See additional prayer requests below or by going to our web blog at “China – in His image” and click on “Pray For China Daily”.

As we approach the beginning of 2008 we greatly appreciate your continued support. We still need to raise an additional $1,500 in monthly support to meet 2008 budget requirements. We invite you to pray with us for the outpouring of God’s provisions to meet this need. After you have given to your local church, and if the Lord lays us on your heart, we’d appreciate any support you might give. Gifts can be made out to International Ambassadors for Christ, P.O. Box 545, Saint Charles, IL 60174-0545. We will never fully know this side of eternity to what ends in China God has taken our work and multiplied it by His magnitude for His glory. We do know that you have traveled there with us through your prayers and support….wherever, whenever, and however we have proclaimed the truth.

God has made some huge Kingdom advances in China, and we see even more potential for the future. Together we look forward to what God will accomplish in 2008 and He may just give you the blessings of being a part of it.

Pray for a movement for freedom of religion among the Christian university students that will influence the whole country. Pray for the local and foreign Christian university professors that these teachers will proclaim the gospel boldly to others on campus. Pray that in their search for truth, students and teachers would realize that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Life and the Truth. Pray that the truth of the gospel will overcome intellectualism, skepticism and materialism for young people in these days of spiritual apathy and confusion.

Pray against demonic forces of materialism and commercialism, which are driving forces especially among the young students. Pray for every person who thinks that ultimate happiness and meaning in life comes from the material world. Pray that they may see the emptiness of all things without Christ. Pray that Chinese students would excel in their studies, but that the pressure for personal success would not overshadow their need for a savior.

Pray against false teaching of God’s word as the students are taught to trust in themselves or only science for all of life’s answers. Pray that as more students are hearing the gospel that believers would be protected and would reproduce on the campus. Pray that the students minds and hearts would be open to the gospel and faith in Christ. Pray that students would no longer be taught to conform to the rigorous ideologies of this country but that they would be allowed to explore and study with freedom.

Pray that the younger generation of Chinese, who are influenced more and more by the trends of the West, would clearly realize the emptiness that accompanies the fleeting pleasures of this world and seek to find their identity and peace in knowing Jesus Christ. Pray that eternal prosperity would be sought above all else. Pray that the people’s spiritual eyes would see beyond the emptiness of mass marketing and false promises. Pray that those who serve the wealthy would be blessed beyond material means. Pray that those who are served come to realize the inability material goods have to satisfy the soul.

Pray that millions would understand that no gate or social standing can ever keep them from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray they experience the richness that only comes through Him. Pray that the Chinese history that is yet to be written would be one of a people who turned to the Lord, their Creator, wholeheartedly and re revolutionized their country.

Trusting in God’s provisions with you.

P.S. In our October 2007 newsletter we mentioned our Chinese friends who came from Scotland to the USA in September expecting a baby December 22nd. What great and joyful news!  Every good and perfect gift is sent from Heaven above…so congratulation to you both for His perfect gift of love. That precious little bundle the Lord placed in your care makes our hearts rejoice with praise to Him whose love we share.  Tiny feet for you to guide, a life for you to mold, a brand new heart to fill with love…His beautiful gift of tender love now lies within your arms. May you be blessed abundantly by this beautiful child from the Lord. 

“And afterward, I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” Joel 2:28


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