September 2007 Update

Before we knew it — what happened? — Here it is September!! Life has just been a whirlwind since Rolf has been home. Our exchange student, Monica (who arrived earlier than we expected) arrived in the midst of painting our downstairs where she was to sleep. At the same time Debbie found an apartment and was in the process of moving out. Which by the way, we are so grateful and thankful for all our friends who gave her furniture, kitchen “stuff” and everything else to furnish her new place and all the help that went along with the move.

Because of Debbie’s work schedule we still have Brittany after school plus 3-4 nights a week. With that come homework, soccer practice and games and school meetings. Now, we also have a high schooler and high school activities and high school meetings, etc. Little did we know at this stage of our life that our school days would not yet be over!!

Monica is getting along great. She is very easy, helpful, and independent, and loves American food. She looks forward to each day with enthusiasm. She does struggle some with the language. Her English is very good, but some of the technical terms and expressions we Americans use she would not have learned in an English class. This causes her to have to spend more time on homework.

She enjoys going to church with us and in fact will be baptized on October 21st. She plays the piano beautifully and her dream, she says, is to play piano for church. She stays after school and has been practicing in the school music department to ready herself for an audition.

The Chinese people are so very studious and this doesn’t leave much time for establishing friendships. An important part of the exchange student program is to learn the culture and the best way is through knowing the people. Please PRAY with us that she would find the balance for study, friends and a social life. She will be joining the high school ministry program at church which will include Sunday night where the students meet in a large group for worship, teaching, fun and games and then on Wednesday evenings, meeting in a small home group discipleship format. PRAY she will not only grow spiritually but establish some friendships as well.

With so much going on at this time we don’t want to get caught up in the activities and lose track of whom we are serving. PRAY for us that we would remember to STOP and to “Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth”. Psalm 46:10.

The photo below is of us is with Monica and our friend Roger Nelson who was here in town for an interview for the Total Living show with Jerry Rose, TLN-TV. Roger is an actor who presents the Gospel through his presentation of John Wesley and St. Patrick (

How God has blessed us with your friendship, love, support and your prayers. Thank you for being there for us. We love you.


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