Those who know China know that it is impossible to know China. It’s too big, too diverse, and too contradictory; it’s moving too fast in some places and too slow in others. What’s an English speaker to do? Many turn to ZG Briefs each week for a concise overview of what is making news and what likely will make news in the future. Writers, researchers and others in need of past news themes visit ZG Briefs searchable archives for content.

It is, quite simply, the most easily accessed, relevant news of China for those who need to know. But making news shorter, more convenient and less expensive is none of these things – that’s why we turn to our readers for help. We recoil at placing a price on helping you to ease the isolation, confusion and disorientation that trying to navigate China can engender. And, we celebrate those who join us in this cause by placing ZG Briefs on their reading list.

ZGBriefs Newsletter is available via email at: newsletter@zgbriefs.ccsend.com or at www.zgbriefs.com

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