June 2004 Update

“And now, through Christ, all the kindness of God has been poured out upon us undeserving sinners; and now he is sending us out around the world to tell all people everywhere the great things God has done for them, so that they, too, will believe and obey him.” (Romans 1:5)

Plans are being finalized for the trip to China. The departure date (a little later than we anticipated) has been set for a 6 week trip leaving on July 13th. This will be a trip Rolf will make alone — much to Sherri’s disappointment. But it seems the best for this particular trip.

Rolf will fly to Hong Kong to meet our Chinese professor friend, Boon Teo, (the one who is building schools in the poor rural areas of China). They will then travel to Shenzhen. Boon has asked if Rolf would teach English classes there for at least two weeks. Someday if you hear some Chinese speaking English with a Swiss accent, they were probably in Rolf’s class!! From there they go to a new school opening in the Hunan province. And after that they will travel to various cities exploring potential locations for building (or rebuilding) more schools.

Boon is not a Christian. He knows all about Christianity having attended Christian schools in Hong Kong, but he does not believe. PRAY for him. He knows we are Christians and has told us there can be no religious or political agendas in his schools. He works with the government on these projects and that cannot be jeopardized. BUT, he says there’s nothing stopping us from using Bible stories in our English classes and we are on our own what we do outside of the school.

After Rolf and Boon’s scouting expedition, Rolf will travel to Shijiazhuang where we spent 5 days the last time we were in China. Our friend, Joseph, the Chinese student we met while he was here in the States, lives there. Rolf will be working on various projects but the biggest one is for him and Joseph to travel to the conference center being built in the middle of China by the Chinese Christian couple we met on our last trip. This is the center we were interested in that is being built with the hope of helping to bring east and west China together. This couple also has a great heart for evangelism. We would like to see where and how we might be able to help. But, they highly recommended first we take a trip there to see it before any decisions are made.


  • for the preparation of English lessons for grade school age that would be fun and be a good fit to Rolf’s style
  • God would have His way in all the preparations
  • God would prepare the way for openness to the Gospel
  • That we would be fully trusting and dependent on God and His leading
  • Pray also for Helen a Chinese lady in Shanghai to give her heart to Jesus. She and Sherri are corresponding by e-mail and Helen is now asking some serious questions concerning a relationship with God. Pray the Spirit will lead Sherri in her answers back to her.

We have been very touched by the outpouring of love in response to the death of Rolf’s mom. We are also grateful to know that she is now whole, healthy, happy, worshiping God and that we will see her again.

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