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Holistic Entrepreneurs in China

Dear Friends,

As mentioned at the C-12 Group Chicago June meeting please find enclosed the book “Holistic Entrepreneurs in China: A Handbook on the World Trade Organization and New Opportunities for Christians” authored by Kim-Kwong Chan & Tetsunao Yamamori.

ISBN-13: 978-0865850026

This book is educational, encouraging and inspirational. It is a book not just for those in business but also for all who care about the Chinese people and want to understand how economic change is bringing about a new society. It is full of practical information starting with the basics anyone working in China should know about history, culture and the economy and points out issues and opportunities for Christians wanting to work in China. It examines timely issues related to China’s entry into the World Trade Organization and its various ramifications, and gives examples of Chinese Christian business people on the mainland already trying to live them out in their business practices.

It is an easy read and summarizes many of the things that will have the chance to impact China’s culture with the same biblical values and leadership principles we seek to teach. Our approach, similar to those in this book, is to encourage discussions of biblical morals and ethics as the motivation for how to live life, conduct business and lead people.

Everything we do is focused on one purpose; and that is “to lead the business and community leaders of China into a growing relationship with God.” It is my prayerful desire for you that as you establish relationships in China, whether it is business development, educational assistance or counseling, will move individuals toward a growing relationship with God.

Praying for plentiful harvest opportunities.

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