Ministry Transition Letter

In our last ministry letter we shared with you about our transition into a new ministry with “International Ambassadors for Christ.” We have left our employment with Campus Crusade for Christ and Executive Ministries as of August 1, 2002 to dedicated ourselves to serving the Church in China as well as other entities that best serve China’s future growth and development. Our immediate focus is directed to the mobilization of CO-laborers and partnerships in building citywide movements in China in cooperation with like-minded, interdenominational nonprofit organizations and missions to pursue our calling of proclaiming the living Christ to a dying world.

God has given us a great love, vision and compassion for reaching people in China. In recent years there has been a lot of interest among various mission groups and denominations to move towards global community ministry. That requires at times to leave comfort zones and let go to recapture the missionary spirit (Romans 15:20-21 NIV) by working with the leadership in these “neglected harvest fields.” We are excited for God’s call to be “trailblazers” in China and “come over and help” (Acts 16:9-15 NIV), as well as for the life changing experience to look into the eyes of these persecuted, least evangelized people in the world, and pray with and for them.

Our vision is to help the Body of Christ in China to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV). Working legally and in partnership with the Chinese Church and other like-minded mission organizations, we will equip Christians in leadership position in China with the tools they need to grow in their relationship with God and to reach out to others with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our focus in China is to discern in each city what God is doing, discover the obstacles and the opportunities for effective ministry, share the results with local community ministries and work together in partnership serving the unmet needs of Chinese Christians.

Project priorities in the coming months will be to explore untouched areas of China through frequent mission trips and prayer walks. Challenge churches, ministry groups and individuals to life-changing mission trips. Invite, organize and accompany teaching teams to establish evangelism & training centers in China. Establish and build relationships with local community leadership and influencers. Help the leadership in China to gain a better understanding and appreciation for Christianity. Working legally and in cooperation with China’s leaders at all levels to foster trust and understanding between China’s believers and the secular authority who govern their nation. Build bridges and develop working relationships with the Church in China. Assist Chinese pastors and lay leaders with training tools to help their ministry. Network, communicate and partner with like-minded ministries that serve China. Break through spiritual darkness and cultural barriers using evangelism activities. Legal distribution of Bibles and Christian growth materials and literature. Conduct educational teaching and training seminars and business symposiums. Assist in developing and building local city men and women Bible discussion groups. Share personal testimonies and the gospel one-on-one with the leadership community. Disciple and teach Chinese Christians to be effective witnesses for Christ in their community.

Just as with Campus Crusade, we will continue to function as “supported missionaries.”  Having as our highest goal to be pleasing and glorifying to God, we desire for our support structure to be principled after Hebrews 11:6 NIV “And without faith it is impossible to please him….” One of the guiding principles of our income structure is that it must promote a life of “faith and trust” in God’s provision. It is a great privilege and blessing to see God raise up our support each month through individuals and churches. Trusting God in this area is a real source of personal growth and development for us. What an excitement there is to see God provide, literally, before our eyes.

We have enclosed a sheet with various contribution options available to our supporters. Since we will be traveling more frequently in the future we encourage you to prayerfully consider gifts by direct deposit. If you have not used “direct deposit enrollment” in the past, you will save time, money and postage and help us to greatly reduce administrative expenses, putting your gift to work immediately and allow us to operate unhindered when on mission trips overseas. If you desire this service please give us a call and we will send you the required bank form needed to sign up. That’s it! It’s automatic after that.

We could never think of such a challenge if we didn’t know that people of faith praying for us. We desperately need your continued prayers. There are human-rights issues for both of us, visa and travel safety concerns, locking up the home place and going overseas and the funds that will be needed. We thank God daily for those who have ministered to us over the years so that we could partner together in great ventures of faith investments. You share in what God has done because we count you as essential players in this grand plan God has for His Kingdom.

And we need your help financially (2 Corinthians 8:7 NIV). We have talked little about finances in the past, but this is like no other project we have done and we look to you to come alongside us as we launch into this new venture together. If 60 people would commit $100/month our needs would be met. Some of you could take on more, others of you can’t do that, but you could take a portion of that amount. Or perhaps you could increase your current giving or you could give us names of others who might be able to help. Whatever you can do we will be most grateful for your help. Thank you for your heart to seek and serve our wonderful Lord.

In closing, you now can go ahead and send your next contribution to “International Ambassadors for Christ” rather than Campus Crusade. We covet your prayers and are excited to see what God is going to do globally through us and get back to you with more details on our trailblazing efforts. Due to the sensitive nature of our work and for the security of the team members and those we meet with, all names and locations will be changed to protect their identity. Thank you for your continued friendship and partnership in Kingdom building.

In His Love and Service.
CO-laborers with you in the neglected fields of Harvest!

Building Leadership Communities and Citywide Movements

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