November 2002 Update

“Changing times”, “Changing season”, “Changing direction”, “Changing partners”, “Changing focus” are phrases that we all have heard and used. For the most part, “change” is something most of us do not like and at times is uncomfortable.

We have left our employment with Campus Crusade for Christ and assigned ministry activities with Executive Ministries here in Chicago to focus and direct our energy to international ministry activities to pursue our calling of proclaiming the living Christ to a dying world.

It is with a heart of deep gratitude that Sherri and I thank the Lord for the many wonderful people who have graced our lives through Campus Crusade for Christ, the precious men and women who have given their lives to Christ, the pastors and people in our churches who have supported and encouraged us, the many individuals who have shared in the vision and worked together to see the ministry expand and grow, and the caring volunteers and prayer warriors who have had a heart of love and compassion for those in need and served with great loyalty and dedication.

We covet your prayers as we make the transition into a new service for the Lord. As you pray for us and our work, we too pray for you, that God will bless your commitment to Him abundantly.

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