Straight Talk Breakfast Follow Up

Straight Talk Breakfast Follow Up
Randy Tomassi & Bob Muzikowski
November 3, 2001

Dear Friend,

We were pleased you were able to join us at the “Straight Talk Breakfast” on November 3rd with Randy Tomassi and Bob Muzikowski. It was good to hear the stories of these men as they shared the important difference Jesus Christ makes in their lives. It was obvious from the written and spoken comments that this breakfast meeting was a significant event in the lives of many who attended.

Beginning and developing a relationship with God is the most exciting and fulfilling thing in life! Most important is that you make the time necessary to learn and grow.

You indicated on the Comment Card an interest in learning more about a Men’s Bible discussion group in the Western Suburban area. We are meeting every Tuesday morning from 7:00-8:00 a.m. at the ServiceMaster headquarters, located at 2300 Warrenville Road in Downers Grove (see enclosed map). We gather in the building with the circular drive in front of it. Proceed through the glass entrance, hang left and enter through the first door on your left, grab a coffee or juice and join us in the cafeteria.

We encourage you to check us out for two or three Tuesday’s and see if it benefits you. And if you know a friend or two bring them along for a relevant and meaningful discussion experience. If you need additional information or directions please give me a call.

We’re thankful that you desire to investigate a Men’s Bible discussion group, and we hope and pray that “Straight Talk” can be of help to you on this journey.

We look forward to welcome you soon.
Rolf Ronstadt
Straight Talk Steering Committee

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