The Real Faith

Dear Pastor Jim,

As I listened to you at the Men’s Prayer Breakfast last Saturday I felt the need to let you know of a book I read which I found immensely helpful in my faith believes.

Charles Price wrote The Real Faith many decades ago, and yet his words are as powerful and needed today as when he wrote them. The idea that real faith is the imparted faith of the Lord himself seems like a mostly foreign concept to many Christians.

ISBN-13: 9780979433122

Like you, Charles experienced that Pre-Christians as well as Christians simply going through the motions. It is not that they do not understand what has been said, it is that they make consciously personal choices to “believe or not to believe.”

No amount of preaching from the pulpit or in small groups will change the minds of those who do not believe. What we have found that works extremely well is to build a “one-to-one” relationship with the disciple and then take him/her through The Real Faith material. Forming strategic partnerships with churches and other Christian ministries is another way to offering personal discipleship training.

One pastor has said, “Life Builders has become the most life-changing Christian growth process at our church. Our job has changed from trying to recruit the masses, to simply directing an army of trained, dedicated and Spirit-controlled workers.” Knowing from the start that we expect our trainees to pass on what they have learned to at least one other person, by providing training, a little encouragement and time, they begin to reproduce the life of Christ in someone else, establishing a ministry of multiplying discipleship and evangelism that goes on and on.

With your desire to expand “evangelism and discipleship” at Christ Community Church and the hiring of Ron Roetman this material might be of great ministry values to train every small group leader, who in turn trains someone else in his/her group.

Praying for more intentional evangelism.

“He who thinks he is a leader and has no followers is merely taking a walk.”

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