CBMC Chicago Outreach

CBMC Chicago Outreach
Follow Up Team Members

We had close to 1200 attendees joining us for breakfast. Sixty of those indicated on the Comment Cards that they prayed with the speaker, for the first time, to invite Jesus Christ into their life. Another hundred-twenty people requested more information about what the speaker shared that morning and would like to be contacted to talk further about spiritual matters. And fifty-seven people expressed an interest in being invited to a Bible discussion group where they can learn and grow towards getting to know God more intimately.

I would appreciate your help with the follow-up of the men and women who indicated an interest to explore/join a CBMC introductory Bible discussion group. I have sent an initial reply by mailing a follow-up letter thanking attendees  for joining us for this outreach. We think it would be great if a personal visit or phone call could be made by you for further follow-up. We have all worked so hard and want to be sure that no one gets overlooked. If you know of a Bible discussion group more suitable to the person please feel free to pass the name(s) along.

Our goal is to have a preliminary update of the follow-up activities available at the next Steering Committee meeting May 1st and we would appreciate if you return completed Report sheet(s) as soon as possible to my attention. Please make copies for yourself before mailing them back to us so that you can continue to track activities of those you are following up after your initial contact. If you have any questions about the follow-up please feel free to contact me.

In your meetings, remember to let the Holy Spirit do to the work of God. We are there to develop a trust relationship and assist them with the next step in their spiritual journey to the Promise land.

Again, thank you for your willingness to be a part of the Follow-up team.

That He might increase.
Rolf Ronstadt
CBMC Steering Committee

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