August 2000 Update

We hope you are enjoying the summer, getting in some down time, relaxation and fun.

The highlight of our summer has been the times we’ve been able to spend with family and friends. Especially fun has been the individual visits from our grandchildren. It’s a great way to get to know them without the influence of parents and siblings.

Summer, too, included a week in July at our annual Executive Ministries conference — something we always look forward to. This year we met for the first time with the other ministries in our division. We were challenged to see how we could work together to see entire cities reached for Christ. In other words, keep on doing what we are doing, but how can we use each other’s resources to help strengthen and expand our ministries and work.

The last two days were spent with just Executive Ministries staff. This is always like a “family” reunion. We have a lot of fun together, but there is also valuable teaching, and from each other, an exchange of great ideas and encouragement. Much time, too, was devoted to an upcoming event in September called “Executive Impact Weekend”.

We’d really like you to be involved with us in this event with a commitment to PRAY. This is big and unlike anything Executive Ministries has ever done before. Your prayers would be so encouraging. Enclosed are some prayer requests with a little of what it’s about.

We are so grateful for your co-laboring with us in this ministry through your love, support and prayers. You are loved and your prayers make a difference.

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