July 2000 Update

HARVEST TIME – That’s the theme we heard repeatedly in a variety of ways during Campus Crusade for Christ’s bi-annual staff conference in Colorado this past July. We left encouraged and with renewed enthusiasm for what we believe the Lord will do between now and the end of the this year.

Approximately 7,500 of our staff (including children and guests) from 172 countries around the world gathered in Ft. Collins to praise, worship, pray and plan to give every person on this earth an opportunity to say “yes” to Jesus by the end of this century. What an incredible blessing to be immersed in different languages, cultures, styles of dress, and yet, sense genuine love for one another because of the common bond we have in loving and serving the Lord.

On the opening evening of the National Staff Conference we were thrilled to see a processional of international staff in national costumes, each carrying their country’s flag. The opening Olympic ceremonies in Atlanta last summer were moving, but they paled in comparison to this procession. The last two countries presented were “closed” countries which have been engaged in hostilities and open conflict for over 50 years. When the two delegates, a Israelite and a Palestinian, who minister in those countries walked through the curtains onto the podium clasping each other’s hands in the air, the crowd erupted! There weren’t many dry eyes in the place.

We rejoice as we heard reports of what God is doing around the world–even in countries that are known to be “hostile” to the Gospel.

  • Albania – Eight people a day are receiving Christ.
  • Jordan – 64,000 copies of the JESUS film video have been given away.
  • Switzerland – a paralyzed man received Christ and believed God could cure his paralysis as recorded in the Bible. He prayed, was healed, and people who heard what had happened were literally lining up at the home of the CCC staff person who shared with the paralytic.
  • Rwanda – JESUS film teams showed the film to 670,000 people in the refugee camps. Over 96,000 trusted Christ.
  • China – the number of believers in High School’s is increasing every month of the school year. Students are coming to our staff asking how to receive Christ. In some locations there are four generations of disciples. A few years ago training on the basis of Christianity was conducted underground. When the training was reported to the Government, all the materials were taken away. Today the climate is one where the training is done publicly and training centers are established in five cities.
  • Singapore – Missionaries from Singapore are going to China, North Korea and Cambodia. They are praying about requests from 40 nations to partner with those countries in reaching their college campuses.
  • Middle East – Three heads of state have heard a clear, one-on-one presentation of the Gospel and received a personal copy of the JESUS film video.
  • Philippines – Muslims were demanding that Christianity be banned in a particular area. It was discovered later that Muslim businessmen were charging admission to showings of the JESUS film–evangelizing themselves.
    Netherlands – A compact disc with Christian music, personal testimonies, and the Four Spiritual Laws was produced and given out by churches to High School students. In one week 20% of students were reached.
  • Egypt – At the Cairo “Book Fair” (second largest in the world), the best seller for the week was the JESUS video. Every newspaper in the city published a picture of Jesus with Bible verses, and the video ran continuously at the book fair.
  • Fiji – The Ambassador to the US and his wife were discipled by the Christian Embassy staff while living in DC and trained in FamilyLife Ministry. They are now back in Fiji where he is the Minister of Tourism and they are establishing a FamilyLife ministry on the island.
  • Solomon Islands – Plans are in the works for a special dinner outreach for all the top Leaders in the Solomons. The date is October 4th. The National Elections are over and there will be many new faces in Parliament. Pray that the dinner will go well, with maximum attendance and impact.
  • West Bank/Gaza – At an outreach on Christmas eve on the square in Bethlehem, 5,000 New Testaments, 2,500 JESUS film cassettes and 1,500 JESUS film videos were given away.
  • Cambodia – At the invitation of Cambodian Christian Nationals a team of fifteen Americans trained locals to host executive outreach dinners, follow-up and beginning ongoing Bible Studies and discipleship.
  • London – It was encouraging to see people from former communist countries who know the Lord and want to share Him with their peers attend the Host Couple Conference. Russia, Moldova, Polen, Hungary, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Kenya were represented by delegates who hold positions the Lord could use to influence their countries. They were interested in hearing from Executives how they came to the Lord, were discipled, and are now active in local Executive Ministries around the globe.
  • South Africa – A Christian Embassy had recently been established in Pretoria. The first official function, a luncheon for the High Commissioner’s, was held earlier in the year. Pray that the work of these Christians will result in many people coming to know the Savior.
  • Malaysia – A Christian Executive went to Malaysia, a Muslim nation of about 24 million people where the law prohibits converting a Muslim to another religion. Ten couples were interested in learning about Executive Ministries strategies, and how they can use them to reach local influencer’s in business and government for Jesus Christ.
  • Czech Republic – On a cold wintry night, 162 guests listened to Chuck Colson speak with clarity, courage and directness about the importance of a personal relationship with God. Their responses included 35 indicating receiving Christ and more than 50 people to be followed up. That more than quadruples the best response Campus Crusade’s director there has ever seen.
  • USA – Leaders of the NBA (National Basketball Association), many of whom are Jewish, agreed that game footage could be used in an evangelistic video produced by Athletes in Action, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, with David Robinson talking about his relationship with Christ.

Can you see why we are so excited? God is moving mightily around the world. We believe we’re on the verge of the biggest spiritual harvest in the history of mankind. What a privilege to be CO-laborers with you and believers from every nation. Thank you for working and praying with us in His Harvest.

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