March 2000 Update

The date was set, the Country Club was secured, prayerfully guest lists were made, invitations were written and sent and a hundred other details attended to. And Friday, February 25th, the anticipated day finally arrived!

“For Christ’s love compels us.” (2 Corinthians 5:14)

Because of Christ’s love three couples in the western suburbs were compelled to share that love by hosting a dinner party with an interesting speaker telling the story of his life. It was exciting to be able to come along side them with some assistance, and the scheduling of the speaker.

The Country Club looked absolutely lovely (so did the hosts!), The atmosphere was warm and inviting, there was a harpist playing and the over 100 guests arrived. They were welcomed by the hosts and the speaker; they saw friends, neighbors and had a chance meet some new people as they enjoyed appetizers. A wonderful dinner was served, and after dinner the Speaker was introduced.

“Go stand in the temple courts, he said, and tell the people the full message of this new life.” (Acts 5:20)

Dr. David Parsons began to tell his story, a golden boy story of success after success, prestige, and power. And he tells us, along with this came an attitude and ego that became out of control. Looking at his life others saw a successful doctor, but under that surface was an empty life desperately needing God. Through a praying wife and events of caring friends, God got a hold of him!

A story many related to as shown by comments, the 12 indicated decisions and 23 others wanting more information and/or to join a Bible discussion group. Some comments included “Dr. Parsons gave us much to ponder spiritually,” “Reinforces how without God we are nothing,” and “Excellent story. Something that can be related to.”

The whole event was best summed up in a letter written by one of the hosts to those involved in putting on the dinner. “It’s hard to believe the outreach dinner has come and gone already but if you are like us you were thoroughly blessed by the whole experience. We saw God’s hand in all the details from our first meeting with the wives to plant the seed for this event until our last prayer at the Aurora Country Club as we ended our evening together. God had a plan and as you will see from the final results of the response cards, He accomplished it.”

Thank you for your love, prayers and support and for being a part of making this happen!

There will be a small informal follow up Dinner Party, March 23rd. PRAY for assurance of salvation for those that made indicated decisions, that questions will be answered, and for a willingness to continue to investigate the claims of Christ for those not yet ready to make a decision.

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