December 1998 Update

Your name came up in conversation as one who might be open to hear about our work with Campus Crusade for Christ International. This spring marks our 11th year anniversary of serving as lay leaders at Christ Community Church here in St. Charles and our 5th year of ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ International. God has been working in tremendous ways through our involvement with Executive Ministries, FamilyLife, Straight Talk, National Day of Prayer and the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast in helping executives entrust their lives, marriages and businesses to the Lord.

We have seen hundreds of men and women of influence reach out to their peers and introduce them to the Savior. We have seen broken and hurt people being restored and given hope. We have seen angry and bitter people discover real forgiveness and lost and misguided people find new directions. It has all been the sovereign work of our almighty God through these ministries. What a blessing, and privilege, to be His servants witnessing to these miracles.

Sherri and I have spent much time over the past months praying, planning and laying the ground work for a new season of outreach breakfast and dinner events, family and parenting conferences, prayer meetings, men’s and women’s leadership development, Bible studies and individual discipleship and evangelism. We are also actively involved with ministering to the political leadership in addition to seminar and workshop teachings at churches and secular institutions.

As we look toward another year of ministry we would like to ask you to consider being on our team as a financial investment partner to bring the gospel and God’s plan to the leadership of this country. Our most pressing need at this time is to raise additional support to complete our 1999/2000 budget. We have had one consistent obstacle that has made raising support difficult. Ministering to executives and the leadership community who don’t know the Lord has fosters the unfortunate assumption that we have little need of financial assistance. The truth, however, is that we are completely dependent on your financial support and faithful prayers to work in ministry.

Your financial investment will allow us to continue to serve in full time Christian work as ambassadors for Jesus Christ. It is easy to be moved by the many obvious needs both domestically and internationally. However, our calling is to bring influential people at senior levels of business and government to our Lord Jesus Christ. When transformed, their influence and priorities will multiply. It is a powerful investment with the potential for great results and rewards. One only has to think of the impact on our nation when God transformed people like Senator Armstrong, Senator Ashcroft and Chuck Colson, just to mention a few, as a result of a senior executive’s willingness to share the Gospel with them.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming a financial investor in our work with the leadership? God has been gracious to meet our needs these past 5 years, and we believe He will continue to provide that what we need to serve Him even more effectively. Thank you for allowing us to share our needs and hearts. Your prayers, encouragements and financial backing is greatly needed and appreciated (2 Corinthians 9:7).

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