Mike Singletary Barbecue

Come and join us for a great barbecue dinner and rub shoulders with one of professional football’s greatest legend. Mike Singletary spent 12 seasons as a key member of the celebrated Chicago Bears defense of the 1980s.

Although Mike was raised in a Christian home, the decadent lifestyle of sports superstardom had overshadowed his faith. He had come to a crossroads.

When was the last time you spent some quality time with your son(s)? This is a great opportunity for a Father & Son evening of fun and fellowship. And don’t forget to invite your Dad, Father-in-law, Son-in-laws, Brothers, Cousins and nephews!!

How about those armchair football experts at work who on Monday morning always talk about football and know everything about the NFL? Or the peers and friends who are expert coaches when it comes to football stories?

This is the time to invite them for a friendly chat with Mike Singletary! Tickets are on sale on a first come, first serve basis. Mark your calendar now and call in your reservation as soon as you can.

And don’t forget your neighbor’s! How many times did you wish there would be a non-threatening way to invite them to a barbecue tailgate party without any strings attached.

Don’t let this great opportunity slip by!!

See you at the barbeque.
Rolf Ronstadt

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