Adopt-a-Cop Campaign

To: Law Enforcement Community, Saint Charles, Illinois  

We want you to know that we recognize the incredible stress, pressure, and at times life threatening situations, you are under. Protecting Illinois citizens in Kane County can be a lonely, thankless task, but be encouraged. We are praying for you.

Sherri and I are participating in the “Adopt-a-Cop” campaign, a nationwide effort to support our country’s law enforcement community through prayers. The Bible commands us in 1 Timothy 2:2 NIV to pray for those in authority For kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.”

We have selected you to be our adopted officers for this coming year, and we will be faithfully asking God to grant you wisdom and discernment as you touch every segment of our population throughout Kane County. We will ask Him to give courage, insights and daily protection as you perform your law enforcement duties. And we’ll also pray for your family as you strive to balance your personal and professional lives.

If you have any special needs, concerns, difficult situations or delicate decisions to make which need God’s wisdom and counsel, please feel free at any time, day or night, to call us for specific prayers or uplifting encouragement. Also, we are available to meet with you anytime, even on short  notice, to offer prayer or simply to provide a safe and confidential ear to share struggles.

It’s easy to be critical of the work law enforcement officers do, but we rather lift you up by getting down on our knees.

Rolf & Sherri Ronstadt

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