Open Letter to President Clinton

Open Letter to President Clinton

September 14, 1998

Hon. William J. Clinton
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Enough is enough.

We are writing on behalf of millions of “Citizens Who Care” asking you to resign immediately. It is no longer a matter of how well  you have performed your duties as President, nor  does it matter how many times, and with whom, you had sexual encounters beside your marriage partner. The only thing that matters today is that millions of “Citizens Who Care” have lost their trust in you to govern effectively this nation.

No one rejoices at the revelation of wrongdoing, particularly that of public officials, since we expect our public officials to embody to a great extent the standards and values of our society. As Americans, we uphold honesty as a moral good and believe in the adage that righteousness exalts a nation. Thus, the false dichotomy between a person’s public life and his private life demonstrates nothing more than an attempt to deceive.

Mr. President, you have deceived not only the public, but members of the House and Senate, your own staff in the executive office, and worldwide allied friends. Intentional deception (lying) is not acceptable behavior for the leader of the United States of America. You have sacrificed your character, your family commitments and the standards of your office for your uncontrolled and selfish need for sexual gratification.

It is not acceptable for the most powerful man in the country to engage in despicable, exploitative sex with an impressionable young women only slightly older than your daughter.  You have lied repeatedly to the American people and thereby broken the fragile bonds of trust and respect between yourself and those you govern, bonds that give legitimacy to any presidency. To condone lying, to accept vice over virtue would be to mislead future generations and dishonor past history.

Mr. President, you have become an undesirable liability and as such, we, the people of the United States, urge you to do the only honorable thing left for you to do: “Resign.”  The longer you wait, the more likely the Nixon parallels will be carried out to the ultimate conclusion. After spending four years and more than $40 million dollars, please spare us, the American taxpayers, impeachment proceedings and your wife and daughter further embarrassment and humility.

And in the process of stepping down from the presidency please refrain from making any further decisions on behalf of the United States of America which could have a negative impact, domestically or abroad.  You have humiliated America already enough.

Respectfully yours,
Rolf D.J. Ronstadt
on behalf of millions of Citizens Who Care

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