December 1997 Update

Thanksgiving to us means a special occasion when we can express our sincere thanks to those whose friendship we cherish. May you have a happy Holiday Season and a healthy, prosperous New Year, filled with His love, joy and peace.

With the end of the year quickly drawing near we wish to pause for a moment and reflect upon the many wonderful blessings we’ve witnessed from God, and the bountiful work He has given us the privilege and responsibility to be a part of. Sofar this year 2850 executives have attended 11 major outreach events with 248 indicating a decision for Christ. Close to 150 men and women are attending Executive Ministries Bible studies. It is also a time of the year when we plan the future. Seven major outreach events are already scheduled for next year and plans are being made for several more.

If we could give you one gift this Christmas it would be this: “the knowledge of the incredible impact you make on those we reach together for Christ.” You probably don’t hear it enough, but you are making a huge difference. As we wait on the Lord’s blessings in the year to come we continue to look to your ongoing prayer and partnership.

We are excited about what God is going to do through our concerted efforts in the coming year. As the ministry exponentially grows all over the Chicago area we are reminded of the dependency on God to provide for our financial needs through gifts from faithful support “team” members like you and those who are going to join the team.

Sherri and I need to raise additional one time yearly gifts of $18,000 and additional monthly support of $1,100 per month to complete our 1998 budget. We also need to make up for a $3,000 shortfall in our 1997 budget. One of our new 1998 budget item is a monthly car payment (our cars are dying)!

If you can make a special end of the year gift or if you want to begin monthly investments in our ministry please make your tax-deductible check payable to Campus Crusade for Christ and use the enclosed envelope; or save it for future consideration. If you desire further information about the 1998 budget or participating on our support team please feel free to call.

Maybe you are in a position to initiate a corporate gift or if your company has a matching charity contribution program please consider this an additional avenue to support Executive Ministries. Giving through stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other assets which highly appreciated in value, especially for a year-end gift, is another good sense strategy yielding significant benefits.

Those of you who are already a regular part of our support team may be able to consider an additional one time gift, or increasing your monthly giving by whatever the Lord lays upon your heart.

It is with great joy we remember God’s blessings in 1997; and it is with great anticipation and prayer that we look to Him again for His provisions to carry His Word to even more executives in 1998.

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