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February 1996 Update

It’s February the month we show our love to each other with cards, candy and flowers. However, long before there was a Valentine’s Day Christ showed His love for all of us when He died sacrificially and unselfishly on the cross so that we might live through Him. “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us”. (I John 4:10)

What an amazing love — a love He wants the world to know.

We are grateful for your being God’s Valentine cards helping to send His message through us with your prayers and financial support.

Saturday, February 17th, Bill McCartney will have talked about God’s amazing Love to about 900 (not a typo! that was 900) men at the Straight Talk breakfast. Do you realize how many eggs will be cooked, how much coffee will be served, how many lives will be changed!!

PRAY many are eager to know more and follow-up is timely and effective.

There are some specific needs we would like to ask you to PRAY about:

  • Our 8-year old our copy machine copied its last, at the same time our fax machine gave out costing more to repair than the purchase of a new one. Pray for means to replace these essential office items.
  • Most immediate, we are still short $1750 in monthly support to complete the fast approaching and final goal of April. Pray God would lead us to those people we need.

We would like to offer you a love gift of $15 off registration per person for the Chicago 1996 Family Life Marriage Conference, April 12-14. We’d love to tell you more about this romantic “Weekend to Remember” for married or planning to be married couples, please let us know if you are interested.

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