Executive Ministries

We hope you had a great summer.  We are a bit out of breath.  The whirl and swirl of activities for Jesus can be, well, breathtaking!  Since April of this year we have been on the go, growing and discipling new believers throughout the leadership community. What an awesome privilege and responsibility.

As you know from experience, today’s business and professional people live with gut-wrenching, everyday pressures. Their company’s profit and loss statement is never more than one thought away. Eagerly, sometimes anxiously, they study the forces and faces shaping business and world affairs. Many insist on having the latest information before making business decisions. But these same people, careful in business, often handle their spiritual needs haphazardly, never giving serious thought to why they’re here on earth or where they’re going. Briefcases aren’t all the baggage these people carry. Their lives are often filled with stress, fear, guilt, hardness, doubt and pain.

Reaching these affluent and influential executives is not easy. Many never attend a traditional church in their community. There wealth and frenetic schedules insulate them from contacts with those outside their social circle, and their travels and hard work ethic fosters often a mindset of self-sufficiency. To achieve spiritual communication with the leadership requires meeting them on their turf–in their world. If a business person senses he or she has an emotional or spiritual need, they are more likely to consult a trusted associate or peer, rather than someone they do not know or don’t have any rapport with.

When we do reach these leaders we penetrate the inner circle of society’s decision-makers. Government, diplomatic, business, civic and social leaders influence an entire nation.  Business and professional people who come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way become the salt and light in a strata of society often overlooked in missionary activities of the past. When one thinks of missionaries, it brings to mind people going to some far away countries ministering to the underprivileged who are usually poor materially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our mission field is right here, in this country. In fact, right here in the Chicago area, in the business and professional community where people need the Lord just as much as anyone else.

Did you know that less than 3 percent of the world’s population will ever attend a college or university, yet from this elite group flow the vast majority of leaders in business, government, education, law, science, medicine and the arts. By focusing our attention on those who have become influencers in the communities, we have an excellent platform from which to reach the communities, because influence filters down. They also play a vital role in the acceleration of the spread of the gospel to other influencers. Since they are today’s leaders, they are in positions to open doors to other groups through legislative powers, their speaking platforms, their ability to travel and their ability to finance mission efforts.

“Executive Ministries” identifies and equips influential Christian business and civic leaders to serve God at their place of work and to become the trusted associate and friend in someone’s life who can effectively share their faith in Christ with others. God’s work has no cultural, racial, social or denominational boundaries. Outreach events, prayer, visitation and discipleship are the biblical strategies we use to reach today’s leadership. Spiritual reproduction is the ultimate goal. The mandate is to make disciples, followers of Christ–spiritually mature men and women who are capable of winning others to Christ–and help them grow to the point where they, too, can win and build up others they serve.

In order to accomplish these strategies and goals to reach the top influencers, we must first have a true sense of identity, a purpose (what we are living for), a mission (what we are shooting for), a vision (what we are rooting for), and values (what we are standing for).

The purpose of “Executive Ministries” is to help fulfill the Great Commission in the executive community in America and beyond. Our Mission is to help influencers reach other influencers for Jesus Christ. We envision a culture shift toward biblical ethics and values due to changed lives among the influencers of our society. Our Values would be characterized by humility, brokenness and the heart of a bond-servant to Jesus Christ, growing in knowledge and love for the Lord, having a heart for the lost, constrained by the love of Christ and the blessing of unity in the body of Christ.

We are thankful to the Lord for calling us into ministry. We appreciate the opportunity to share with you our passion and love for His people, our excitement and our vision, and to explore how you might become active outreach partners with us. As you pray for us and our work, we too pray for you, that God will bless your commitment to Him.

That He may strengthen today’s leadership.

Building Leadership Communities and Citywide Movements

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