Outreach Opportunities

Prayer Breakfast Gatherings
To provide a setting where people can gather on a regular basis to pray for the salvation of others.
To offer an informal Bible discussion for greater application and understanding of God’s Word.
To build a foundation of support, fellowship and community with business & professional people.

Outreach Events
To provide a non-threatening environment for nonbelievers to hear the life-changing testimony of a celebrity or well known business leader.
To introduce business and community leaders to the principles and purposes of the ministry.

Conferences, Retreats, Conventions
To provide an environment where men, women, couples and families can grow and become spiritually enriched.
To help people gain a clearer understanding and vision of the ministry and their participation in the Lord’s work.
To establish an environment and network of people for encouragement, a sense of community and support.

Bible Discussion Groups
Uniqueness of Jesus – to help people understand who Christ is in a simple but revelant manner.
Five Steps of Christian Growth – to introduce the Scriptures so that people can understand God’s truth in a meaningful context and be enlightened by its power.
Ten Basic Steps toward Christian Maturity – to introduce and lay a foundation for those who want to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Office Visitation
To provide personal follow-up in a non threatening environment for people to explore the depth of their understanding of and commitment to Jesus Christ.
To help people to recognize their need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To encourage people to explore what God teaches about life and living.

To experience life-changing principles in small group settings and build team interaction.

Building Leadership Communities and Citywide Movements

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