August 1993 Update

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

A “Whole New World” was the theme of the U.S. Staff Conference and for us, indeed it was! We have just returned from 3 spirit filled weeks in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Week 1 – A week of learning and sharing in more detail about our ministry “Executive Ministries.” We met some old friends and made a whole lot of new ones. And we heard many testimonies (including Rolf’s) of how God has and is working in many of their lives and lives of people they touch.

Week 2 – Totally awesome! More than 3,000 gathered each day in Moby gym at Colorado State U praising, worshiping and listening to exciting speakers with some powerful messages. (Ask us about “he who holds the light is the leader”). Each day we also had numerous seminars to choose from.

Week 3 – Much of our day was broken into workshops. We were privileged to be with “Athletes in Action” new staff members. What a delight they were — so fun loving, but so serious about what God has put before them. They have such a love of the Lord and we saw the freedom that gives them. It was so encouraging in this day of drugs, sex, aids, etc.

We feel so blessed to be a part of Campus Crusade for Christ. They are so dedicated to our training and building us up to be as equipped as possible to help fulfill “The Great Commission.” Matthew 28:18-20 NIV

And we are so thankful to all of you for your support and especially your prayers. Continue to keep us in prayer as we now begin building our team of ministry partners.

Please pray for the upcoming “Executive Ministry” events:

September 10,11: Couples Enrichment Seminar, co-sponsored by Women For Christ & Executive Ministries with Stuart & Jill Briscoe as speakers.
September 13: 100 Hole Golf Marathon Fundraiser, Cary Country Club.  A lot of golfing from “Dawn ’till Dusk.”

Building Leadership Communities and Citywide Movements

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